Bievenido, Bienvenue, Karibu, Kena ka kgotso, Welkom, Welcome family, friends, and strangers (at least for now). I hope to entertain, educate, and possibly make you think. In some cases, hopefully, it may inspire you to take action in your own community.

Let me begin by answering some questions….

Why do I call myself The Soul Brother? Merriam-Webster dictionary defines soul as 1: the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life 2 a: the spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational and spiritual beings, or the universe 3: a person’s total self 4 a: an active or essential part b: a moving spirit 5 a: the moral and emotional nature of human beings b: the quality that arouses emotion and sentiment c: spiritual or moral force. All of us have an immaterial, spiritual presence that makes us who we are. It defines us as a person and is ethereal. I have plenty of that. Using brother is self-explanatory; we are all a brother or sister to another person maybe not biologically but in the ethereal. Humanity is one large family; we are all accountable to and for each other. Therefore even though you may not personally know me I am your brother and you are mine. Writing thru a pseudonym allows me a certain amount of freedom and creativity that I feel would be restrained otherwise.

Why did I start this blog? It is cheaper and more therapeutic than going to a psychiatrist, safer than committing a felony or homicide, and cheaper than marijuana or alcohol. Funny isn’t that? To an extent it is true. Many people who are in my orbit have absolutely no idea or understanding of how I think or who I am.  This is a vehicle for them to gain an understanding of who I am, but also a therapeutic vehicle for me to put an order to the massive amount of thoughts that run thru my head.

What is the history of this blog? This is a re-launch of an earlier blog started last year. I decided to move it to this new platform primarily because it accommodates my future vision of this site.

Why the tagline “Welcome to the land of the REAL. Unique observations of life? We tend to hide ourselves from each other by wearing an assortment of different masks. Each day depending on whom we are interacting with there’s a certain level of ingenuousness that goes on and that level changes from person to person. I will be very real here and will shed all the masks I may wear intentionally or not. Each commentary is my unique observation of life, my voice.

What are the subjects for your commentaries? There is no topic that will be off-limits. I totally believe in freedom of speech and freedom from censorship. Whatever comes up in my mind may come out in a commentary. However there is a caveat, my commentaries will be from a uniquely male African-American viewpoint. Feel free to post comments and engage in a conversation. Agree or Disagree with the commentary, we are all entitled to our own views.

From week to week you will get to know a lot about me, maybe too much. I believe I will learn a lot about myself, also. My commentaries will vary and can be humorous, inspirational, reflective, or simply a rant but I guarantee it will never be boring. Those of who are in my inner circle will be able to read my posts and identify messages possibly to you in them from time to time.

Enjoy yourself here , Feel free to express yourself here, Exchange your thoughts here, Open your mind here, Enjoy Peace here, and above all Love yourself and others because we are all one FAMILY.

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