Dating Expert Deborrah Cooper Blames Black Church for Black Women’s Relationship Problems

This appeared on “The Root” today. I agree with The Root’s editors and their introduction to the article. Personally, the Pew study has been twisted so many ways with so many variable interpretations of the data that in some ways it is not valid. Data can be manipulated based on the interpretation of the end-user. This article can be interpreted as divisive and sensationalist due to its contentions. What is your opinion? I am interested in knowing….

Dating Expert Deborrah Cooper Blames Black Church for Black Women’s Relationship Problems.

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2 Responses to Dating Expert Deborrah Cooper Blames Black Church for Black Women’s Relationship Problems

  1. I read the article on the author’s blog and think she is onto something. The hot mess of men she describes is funny, but also accurate to a “T” from my own personal experience. It’s also easy for you to rail against statistics that you claim are “twisted” when you don’t have any facts at all to support that claims. That means you are just talking and throwing out dust to cloud the real issue… the junk men running lots of churches in our communities. I’ve been reading her columns and articles for years and find her to be outspoken, very intelligent and analytical, and not afraid to say hard things that other people shy away from. The fact that a woman had the nerve to speak out against the Black church is shocking to black folks that are very protective of their churches and pastors. I have to give the girl props because I think she is going to really open a lot of women’s eyes even though a lot of the men that responded to the post around the internet want women’s eyes to stay closed.

    • Thank you for visiting Cimone and your comment. I would agree that she has a point and is on to something. I do not fit the general parameters of the PEW study because I am Roman Catholic not Protestant nor Evangelical. In the larger sense, in our community it is a given more women attend services than men. Yes, men are the people preachiing in most instances. But I would submit a relationship takes two people and I just don’t think that single black women are as lonely or gullable as she alludes to them being. Not all Black pastors preach that God will drop a man unto their laps like magic either. It is the blanket generalizations that I had a difficulty with, not necessarily her view. In short, there are churches that do not preach in a way to cause a Black woman’s relationship problems, churches that preach independence not just for Black women but for Black men also, and the fact that there is a mate for anyone and everyone-even if it may seem difficult or virtually impossible to find. This is exactly what I desire for this site- a dialog, an exchange of thoughts and views. Thanks again.

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