Do blacks feel betrayed by Obama’s silence on race?

Dr. Boyce Watkin’s commentary brings up an interesting point. Since his eloquent address as a candidate, President Obama has not exactly been as declarative on civil rights issues since taking the oath of office. I wonder is it because his “team” has attempted to steer him clear of such a hot button topic for political expediency sake or is his “team” just a little out of touch? The boat has left the dock Mr. President it is time for you and your staff to make another eloquent, declarative statement on race and in some respects on how the first African-American Presidency has brought to vicious malignancy the cancer of racism in America. Just consider it part II of your May 2008 statement as a candidate.

Do blacks feel betrayed by Obama’s silence on race?.

In case you forgot or never heard then candidate Barack Obama’s comments on race:

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2 Responses to Do blacks feel betrayed by Obama’s silence on race?

  1. codecrackx15 says:

    MLK want to tear down division and have us all look past skin color but sadly the Black community refuses to do this now and prefers to segregate itself and define itself by skin color.
    If you don’t think BET/ NAACP/ Ebony magazine/ Black Entertainment Awards/ and on and on are not racist then just substitute Black with white or Caucasian and watch the picket signs and calls of racism that come out.
    Black people born in this country are not African-America they are American…plain and simple. The only way someone can use that hyphenated expression is if they were born in another country and became a citizen here.
    MLK would be very saddened at the way the Black community uses racism and wraps itself in the double standard.
    To end racism we must see ourselves as Americans and not define ourselves by color.

  2. MacGregor says:

    the avg white person today has not faced systemic racism for generations, nor have they dealt with being 12% of the population. there are legitimate reasons for things based on race such as BET or the NAACP. in 100 years when WASP’s are only 15% of the country you can go ahead and have your magazines, tv channels and caucus’s without being branded racist.

    Soul Bro,
    That being said, i do agree with codecrackx that “To end racism we must see ourselves as Americans and not define ourselves by color.”
    Today’s generation of race baiters, specifically in the black community have been nearly brainwashed by a culture and media conducive to mindsets defining EVERYTHING based on race/gender/class lines. The past two generations amongst non-blacks don’t see anyone defined by race, if instilled with decent values by two parent households those xenophobic tendencies relinquish once they realize the caricatures they may have believed are patently untrue.
    When you hear people who have themselves never suffered Jim Crow laws or real racist injusticies spout that these times are akin to the deep south from 50 years ago, they only trivialize themselves and the pain that real racism inflicted. Its like liberals comparing G.W. Bush to Hitler for 7 years straight. All they did was marginalize what Hitler did and the evils he really perpetrated.

    Lastly, i havent watched the vid you posted yet, but what Obama promised he would do is VASTLY different from what those who voted for him BELIEVED he was going to do. The real sad thing in it all, is that if the black community honestly believed that they needed a black person to be President for them to have the same opportunities everyone else already realizes theyve had all along……..when they realize that that has nothing to do with actual opportunity and potential for success maybe 95% percent of those folks won’t blindly vote for one political party that fails them time and time again.

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