Balanced Woman=Perfeckt Woman

Most brothers are out here looking for the looks, the superficial “eye candy” that makes some sisters have a complex about their appearance. I’m in search of a “Balanced Woman”. Don’t misunderstand me, I would like an intelligent, loving woman but that is not all I am looking for. I am looking for more; much, much more.

For me to properly define a “Balanced Woman” I need to define what she is not. She is not a superwoman. Superwoman is a mythical character who was never based in reality. Superwoman is a comic book. A “Balanced Woman” is not someone who can do it all. There are 24 hours in each day, 16 hours if you allow for sleep. Sixteen hours is not enough time for anyone to take care of all herself (even himself), her children, her career, her home, and her man! Fellas, we need to understand that. Trust me I have felt the pain. Yet, a “Balanced Woman” understands this limitation also. She does not consider herself a failure for her inability to do it all, all the time. She understands her limitations. She accepts the limitations and does what she can with the time and energy she has. A “Balanced Woman” is not perfect nor does she expect perfection from herself. She understands that she is human, and like all humans she has shifting energy levels, mood changes, and days when she feels like not being productive at all. She is not someone who expects to be “done” in one day with housework, homework, bill paying, and all the other tasks of life. She understands she will never be “done” and therefore she attempts to get as much accomplished with the time she does have and demonstrates patience with her and others. She is not someone who neglects her own desires, her own needs. She understands that if her needs are not met, there will be little left of herself to give to others. Ladies, the key to that is communication. Communication with yourself and with those around you is imperative. Gentlemen, we do not need to “crowd” the woman in our life. Let her do her thing be it work, exercise, just hanging out with her girls or anything else she has a great interest in. That requires us to have trust in her. By doing this we facilitate her happiness and growth as an individual. This will keep her “Balanced” enough to give her best effort to you, the kids, and the family.

A “Balanced Woman” does understands her priorities and understands how those priorities can and will change. She is a woman who has a mastery of adaptation and adjusting to her situation and environment. She is always tweaking her schedule and “to do” lists to accommodate her priorities of the day. She understands time management and has learned to not over commit. She has worked at saying, “NO” and has let go of the guilt associated with that word. Yet, her priorities are always focused and in an order that is clear and concise. Consequently, she is always searching for a more efficient and effective way to carry out the demanding responsibilities in her life.

A “Balanced Woman” defines what it is she really wants in a realistic sense and directs her resources accordingly. She questions what it is she wants and lives each day consistent with the answers she has discovered to those questions. Ultimately a “Balanced Woman” understands that a life of quality is much more rewarding than a life of quantity. She knows that it is in her relationships with the people who count-more than the perfect meal, more than spotless laundry, and more than an unlimited supply of money in the bank that matters most.

My brothers, remember RESPECT THE WOMAN IN YOUR LIFE! Treat her like the precious jewel she is. Treat her like the Queen of the universe she is. Define and search for a woman who is “Balanced” and “Together”. Even if she is not “Balanced” or “Together” have the patience, strength, and wisdom for her to lean on and draw from as she travels the path towards it.

A Balanced Woman is a Perfeckt Woman, not Perfect!

About The Soul Brother

An observer to the world. I have a unique view of the world and want to share it. It's all in love from the people of the "blues". Love, Knowledge, and Sharing amongst all is the first steps towards solving all the problems amongst humanity.
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2 Responses to Balanced Woman=Perfeckt Woman

  1. h0nesty's enigma says:

    Wow! I can honestly say that I was touched by your words. It’s rare that men understand women in this context because most men do expect women to be everything. I appreciate your insight not just a man but as a true gentleman. Nowadays gentleman are so rare, finding one is truly a discovery. I hope that your words permeate the minds of brothers around you and your example rubs off on them. 🙂

    0ne l0ve
    h0nesty’s enigma

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