What is your Legacy?

What is your legacy? What personal accomplishment do you want to be remembered for? Take a moment and search your soul and heart for the answer. Dismiss being a great mother or father, wife or husband. The greatness of accomplishment in those realms is reliant upon and involves someone else.  What accomplishment that is solely yours and dependent only your action do you want to accomplish?

In life we can become preoccupied with the tasks and goals right in front of us. We become engrossed with our children’s or spouse’s accomplishments so much that we forget our own goals and aspirations. We put our lives on hold and become sacrificial lambs to someone else’s success.  We sacrifice our legacy for someone else’s.

I do not want you to believe that by being a good mother, father, husband, or wife is unimportant. It is very important and is not to be undervalued. According to Merriam-Webster the definition of legacy is something that has come from a predecessor or the past. Using that definition your legacy is what is everlasting about you, it is something that makes you immortal in a mortal world.

Our legacies are our actions. Our actions are our decisions.  Our decisions; our personal ethical and moral beliefs right or wrong makes us who and what we are. 

So who are you? Our example is what our children see and emulate. Are you mercurial, fearful, greedy, unethical, or immoral? That is the legacy you are passing on to the next generation; the world does not change. Only when we subdue those traits can the next generation change and the world. It all begins with us now, in the present. Our legacy needs to be steady, stable, consistent, brave, strong, non-indulgent, ethical, moral, and above all compassionate and loving. Our legacies can change. Our world can change. We just need to change ourselves first.

About The Soul Brother

An observer to the world. I have a unique view of the world and want to share it. It's all in love from the people of the "blues". Love, Knowledge, and Sharing amongst all is the first steps towards solving all the problems amongst humanity.
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