Tanya McDowell, Conn. Mom, Pleads Not Guilty In School Enrollment Case

First it was Ms. Williams-Bolar in Ohio. Now it’s Ms. McDowell. Obtaining an education is a basic civil right, to me. It is also one of many responsibilities a parent has towards their children. This country has created a climate of “educational apartheid” where if you live in a certain area, certain zip code, and your wage meets a minimum level your schools are good. If not, you and by extension your kids are SOL. I live in the Parkville school district in Kansas City-one of the best in the state of MO. Most of my friends live in the Kansas City School district; let me say it is not Parkville. I would definitely allow my friends to use my address if they wanted or needed to, for the sake of the children and their future. We must level the educational “playing field” so the EVERY child has the same opportunities to learn, grow, and restore the United States as the leader of achievement in the world.

Tanya McDowell, Conn. Mom, Pleads Not Guilty In School Enrollment Case.

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