The Purpose of Political Capital: Three Agenda Items for Obama

Excellent commentary by Rinku Sen. Each of three items outlined are important. Item three, businesses will obviously fight. I think re-working the laws that allow companies to “offshore” to avoid taxes needs to be reworked. 60 Minutes did an excellent piece on this phenomena a few months back.  American multinational corporations has contributed to all of the congressional members in one form or another. Will they have the will?

Item Two is obvious to all of us, especially in light of recent events. I am not in favor to a wholesale gut of the military budget a la the fall of the Berlin wall era. I am in favor of smart decisions on programs we may not need and better more streamlined procurement processes that will save money. Other than that, what happened to the green economy? America’s ability to provide it’s own power needs without reliance on foreign sources will undoubtedly enhance our national security.

America is a nation of immigrants. The only folks who are indigenous is the American Indian. As soon as we all realize that the better. Immigration has brought America a richness of culture that is found nowhere else. It has also brought  heightened entrepreneurship and innovation to this nation. We must reform the immigration policies and allow a path to citizenship that preserves the intent of our founders. Yet, with all of these the question remains, Will Congress have the will to actually create intelligent, equitable solutions to these problems?

 The Purpose of Political Capital: Three Agenda Items for Obama – COLORLINES.

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