Beauty May Be In Eye of Beholder But Eyes See What Culture Socializes

Dr. Lyubansky writes a good rebuttal piece to the horrendous article by Satoshi Kanazawa on Psychology Today. Psychology Today took down Mr. Kanazawa’s article a few hours after it was originally posted due to the outrage (rightfully so) it caused. The problem I have Psychology Today is up to this point there has been no explanation regarding why it was retracted (of course if you read the original you would know why) nor an apology made to its readers regarding originally allowing it to go on their site and the offensive nature of it. I despised Mr. Kanazawa’s article and feel it was a distressing example of racial bias and sexism from another minority group in America.

Beauty May Be In Eye of Beholder But Eyes See What Culture Socializes | Psychology Today.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to read Mr. Kanazawa’s article here it is:

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