BET Awards 2012

ImageThe Soul Brother is making my return after an extended absence, I really didn’t catch much of the first hour of the show. True Blood was absorbing most of my attention. Eric & Pam…OMG! Alas, I digress. The 2012 BET Awards was a very messy event with a great host. It wasn’t the greatest by far and I hope they invite back Samuel L. Jackson next year with a much better show to shepherd. Here are my notable events from last night, in no particular order:

Worst opening: Mercy is one of my best songs so far this year. As an opening to the show it was a great choice. The performance in my opinion was WEAK. The power and energy that the song has with its infectious bass beat was noticeably absent. The censoring didn’t help and please, please, please Kanye do not freestyle without being prepared without being prepared.

Funniest Acceptance Comments: Kevin Hart. He was as surprised as I was by winning Best Actor. His acceptance reflected that in a way only a comedian can.

Best Thank You: Big Sean-That’s right, you better thank Mommy and Nana!!

Most obvious product placement: Sprint and their HTC EVO View LTE. I must be honest; it’s better to see Sprint getting plugged than the usual suspects ATT and Verizon. I know that must have cost Sprint a pretty penny to beat the BIG TWO.

Best tagline: BET new “We got you.” It’s short, memorable, and relevant.  Really, though did anyone review the spot before it aired? Why is Pooch Hall and Tia Mowry-Hardrict featured when BET has released them from their contracts? Was it too late to edit them out? Or, did it cost too much? Awkward!

Just a random thought….did anyone see the “dirt snuggler” commercial for Pine-Sol? One word describes it-STUPID!

Worst performance (R&B): Usher doing an acoustic version of “Climax.” Yawn. It was like he was going through motions. It was flat and bland. What’s up with the red hi-tops? Next!

Most overworked technician: The poor soul who was the censor especially, for the first 20 minutes or so. I know he was grateful for the 10-15 second delay. They deserve a vacation. BET needs to alert all of the talent appearing that it is a “family” show and to watch the potty mouths.

Best abstract art in a dress: Elle Varner – She was working that dress. It was a daring choice that accentuated her curviness. Interesting choice, for this awards show. It would fit better at the Grammy’s though.

Best collaboration: WTF!!! Wale and Miguel? Yeah, I liked it but beating out Jay and ‘Ye? Wow!! I didn’t see that one coming.

Best family Kodak moment: Beyonce and Solange grooving during the Frankie Beverly and Maze tribute.

Worst dressed: LaLa Anthony. I’m sorry; I thought sequined jumpsuits went out 20 years ago. She’s too beautiful to wear something like that. It didn’t translate on camera. It was too drab; maybe in person it was great. On camera it looked horrible.

Best Dressed: (tie) Beyonce & Taraji P. Henson- Taraji was a vision in turquoise. Classy.  She was also having the most fun in the audience too. She keeps it poppin! Beyonce in the yellow stunner with the high slit and metal belt was awesome too! She looked like a goddess. They both captured the moment. Honorable mention: Beyonce’s sister Solange. The pink and braids was fun and sophisticated. Honorable mention: Angela Bassett. Sexy never dies!

Best Commercial with a message:  TJ Holmes’ Don’t Sleep show speaking about the importance of voting. BET does not have a good history with news shows. I hope they don’t F—- this one up! Let’s tune in and support TJ so they will not have ratings as a reason.

Another random thought….A show with Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson? I dunno about this one. Will Neffe be guest starring? Keyshia really needs some new music out here not a reality show.

Truest words of the night: Frankie Beverly- “Wait on the Man a bit and He’ll show you things” So, true. God will always move us to greatness on His schedule, not ours.

Best return: D’Angelo – His set was pretty good. It was real R&B. Nice to see him back. His voice is still there. His musicianship is still there too. Talent never leaves a person, no matter how much we may try to destroy or suppress it. I am looking forward to his CD.

Funniest clip: Real Husbands of Hollywood. Funny and hilarious! I would prefer to see this on VH1 instead of Love & Hip-Hop in its many incarnations.

Most unrecognizable: Chante Moore- she brought it down with a great classic performance, a soulful and powerful tribute to Donna Summer. I wish it was just a wee bit longer. I had to do a double take to make sure it was her. I didn’t like that we were dropped into it after a commercial break with no introduction.

Best performance (hip-hop): Nicki Minaj- We live in a Nicki world! Excellent orchestration, lighting, and staging for her set. She is forgiven for her Grammy performance. She is the baddest MC in all of hip-hop!

Why is that dude, Cashout screaming during his set?

Push Back Award: Busta Rhymes – Busta and Rick Ross gotta push back from the table. That fried chicken, collard greens, black eye peas, and corn bread is showing too much!

How many of you will see Django Unchained? Hopefully all of you! It looks like Quentin Tarrantino will have another hit.

Most relevant quote: “This election is not about Obama but your momma.” Al Sharpton. Reverend Al summed it up as only he could. Get out there and vote! Tell your friends to vote! Don’t be lackadaisical. Voting is the only way we have to influence and shape the present and future. Samuel Jackson was also dropping the serious knowledge by saying that “our lives depend on our votes.” Register! Vote!

Did anyone peep that Kanye and Kim were dressed in white? Didn’t we stop doing that in high school? Don’t you think Kim looked a little uncomfortable? Did you check how Beyonce and Jay dismissed Kim when they went up to accept their awards? Did anyone peep Kanye and Kim hugged up during Frankie Beverly and Maze’s performance?   

Is it just me or does “RackCity” sounds like a strip club anthem?

Nice to see Faith Evans singing Happy Feelings!

Best interruption: Jay-Z interrupting Kanye West. Let’s face it Jay was saving Kanye from putting his foot in his mouth.

Humanitarian award: Keep up the fight for all of us Reverend Al!!

The most emotional and best part of the night was the Whitney Houston tribute. I would have liked to see the tributes to Don Cornelius, Hal Jackson, Dick Clark and Donna Summer lead up to the Whitney Houston tribute in one continuous block. The Whitney Houston tribute was the best of the night and possibly, the best ever done. Monica killed it! The dress was awesome and she took us all to church! Brandy was okay. Monica was better. Chaka Khan was both beautiful and powerful she killed it too. That leads me to Gary Houston, Whitney’s brother who gave us reason to reach for the Kleenex. The camera shots back to Patricia Houston was especially emotional. What made us use the Kleenex was Cissy Houston’s tribute to her daughter. It was emotional, touching, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, my house included. The strength Cissy showed is an example to us all. A parent should never bury their child. It was the best moment of the night.

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