Wesley Snipes Released From Federal Prison, Begins Home Confinement

English: Mug shot of Wesley Snipes.

Actor Wesley Snipes is slowly making his way back to “big business,” as his three-year sentence for failing to pay taxes comes to an end.TMZ reports that the 50-year-old actor and producer was released from McKean Federal Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania on April 2 and transferred to New York Community Corrections Office, who will oversee his home confinement until July 19.Since his December 2010 imprisonment, Snipes has unsuccessfully made attempts to get his prison sentence overturned, who was convicted in 2008 on three misdemeanor counts of failure to file income tax returns in 1999, 2000, and 2001. He was acquitted of five other charges, including felony tax fraud and conspiracy.Upon the completion of his home confinement stint this summer, Snipes is expected to resume his Hollywood career, which has some already anticipating his return. Last year during an interview with the Huffington Post, actor Terry Crews opened up about the idea of Snipes landing a role in “Expendables 3.”“I would love to bring Wesley in, just to kind of correct it. I’m a fan first, and to see one of the greatest men of all time come back into this fold would kind of be like Jean-Claude [Van Damme] appearing in this second one,” he said.“Everyone knows the back story as to why Wesley isn’t in the film; that’s why it would make total sense to bring him into the third one as a villain or something. And then it’ll be like, ‘There’s Nino Brown!’ That would be hot! [Laughs]”

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