9 Things You Can Do When The Boss Takes Credit For Your Work

By Jacquelyn Smith

idea-bulbHere are 9 things you should (and shouldn’t) do when the boss takes credit for your work:

Don’t assume the worst. “Avoid assuming that the boss did in fact take credit for your work intentionally,” Hockett says. Sometimes bosses will speak in such a way that they take ownership, but in fact it’s just part of how they encompass all aspects of their team when sharing feedback with others.

Alexander Kjerulf, an international author and speaker on happiness at work, says, “It may be an honest mistake or a misunderstanding or a bad habit–and if so, the only way to fix it is to talk about it. Some bosses can learn if you talk to them.”

Have a heart to heart. Approach your boss sooner rather than later. “Waiting will make resentment fester,” Taylor explains. “Start and end the conversation on a positive note and discuss various projects. After your positive comments about the job, say something like, ‘I wanted to mention something that has been on my mind, if this is a good time…It set me back a bit when you mentioned earlier to Joe that you just secured the Smith account. I worked for three months to bring the account in, and it was discouraging.

Read More 9 Things You Can Do When The Boss Takes Credit For Your Work – Forbes.

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