‘Not guilty’ verdict is a moral injustice to Trayvon Martin

The former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland Mic...

The former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland Michael Steele (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Michael Steele

“Not guilty.”

For just a moment the very words hung in the air of the courtroom, stunning everyone into silence.

Across the country, people scrambled to their televisions or iPhones to hear or see the words for themselves.

The full weight of what the jury had done began to sink in as George Zimmerman accepted a pat on the shoulders and a firm handshake from his lawyers, while the prosecutors gathered up their papers and the attorneys representing the family of Trayvon Martin hurried from the courtroom.

“Not guilty.” It was not an outcome that many expected. If the jury did not render a verdict for second-degree murder, surely a conviction on manslaughter would be applicable. Not so. A 17-year-old has been senselessly killed and his killer is not legally accountable. Seriously?

There’s no doubt that this jury verdict is a very bitter pill to swallow. Lest we forget, it took protests, online petitions and over six weeks to even get an arrest for the unnecessary killing of an unarmed teenager (unless you consider those Skittles he was carrying a dangerous weapon).

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