Why did the ‘poor Mercedes lady’ evoke such a passionate response?

By Soraya Nadia McDonald

povertyBy now, you’ve seen it, or heard about it, or at least scrolled past the link on Facebook. The first-person account in The Washington Post of Darlena Cunha, the mom who drove her husband’s 2003 Mercedes Kompressor to pick up food coupons from the WIC Women, Infants and Children office.

“To this day,” Cunha wrote, “it is the single most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done.”

Cunha is hardly the first person or even the first former journalist to write about an unexpected plunge into relative poverty — just a few months ago, former Politico White House correspondent Joseph Williams detailed his struggles for the Atlantic. So what was it that made Cunha’s story stick? The Mercedes? The government aid? The combination? Cunha’s story, in some form or another, seems to have been picked up by half the Internet. On Wednesday, Cunha was a guest on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.

Read More Why did the ‘poor Mercedes lady’ evoke such a passionate response? – The Washington Post.

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