The Importance of Knowing Your Worth

By Miki Turner

My mother never earned a college degree, but throughout my childhood she would randomly dole out these pearls of wisdom that gave me a leg up when it came to navigating all the left turns I would make as an adolescent; as well as the ability to side-step some of the minefields I’d encounter as a young adult.

First, she told me that even though I may have more material things than some of my friends, I was no better than them. That statement has served me well. Humility is an admirable trait.

Secondly, she said there are two types of people. Some folks have “book smarts” and others have good common sense. I was encouraged to cultivate the latter. That, too, has been a good decision because it’s my belief that if you have good common sense you’ll be smart enough to succeed academically on some level.

Thirdly, she said never marry a man who makes less money than you do. “It’ll be nothing but trouble.”

She ain’t never lied.

In my effort to build my own financial empire and prove myself professionally in the white-male dominated industries I’ve worked in, it became painfully apparent that finding a man in my same tax bracket with my level of education was next to impossible. Trust me, I really wasn’t looking for Prince Charming. I have an aversion to heels so it’s very likely that I would have hurled that glass slipper across the ballroom floor and lifted my right fist into the air like Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the ’68 Olympics as it broke into a gazillion pieces. I just wanted the guy who was a little bit Budweiser and a whole lot of Cote du Rhone.

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2 Responses to The Importance of Knowing Your Worth

  1. nosyjosie says:

    this was such an awesome read. I had to share this!

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