5 Examples of Our Government Treating BlackLivesMatter Movement Like a Terrorist Group

By Adam Johnson

We learned in the wake of the Occupy Wall Street movement that the government’s use of its anti-terror apparatus at a local and federal level was both routine and pervasive. Thus far, the means with which similar practices have been used on #BlackLivesMatter have been subtly emerging — thanks in large part to some truly intrepid journalism — from across the country. Here is a recap of the five of the worst examples:

1. NYPD and FBI uses counter-terror apparatus on #BlackLivesMatter New York.

Though it was mostly taken for granted by those paying attention within the activists community, official recognition that the NYPD and its FBI Joint Terror Task Force were using their counter terror units on #BlackLivesMatter didn’t really come until a casual admission by the NYPD in the New York Post the day before the announcement of the Eric Garner verdict in December of last year:

“They wore me out, ” said one counterterror expert who monitored the protests. “Their ability to strategize on the fly is something we haven’t dealt with before to this degree.”

A few weeks later, the New York Post would again be the forum with which the NYPD would casually assert counter terror units were used on #BlackLivesMatter, this time in connection to an alleged assault on an NYPD officer: “Linsker was nabbed by members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force around 3:45 a.m., sources said.”

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