Here’s One Way You Can Get Rid of Most of the Damning Information About You on the Web

By Elizabeth Preza

If you’re one of the millions who use Google services everyday, you might be concerned about the troves of data the company has gathered on everything from your daily habits to your porn preferences. Now, in an effort to assuage some of those fears, Google has launched a series of new transparency features to provide users with more control over what personal information the company keeps.

On Wednesday, Google added a new tool that combines data from all of its services and allows you to individually delete data entries. In its introduction to the changes, Google writes:

When you use Google services like Search and YouTube, you generate data—for example, things you’ve searched for, or videos you’ve watched. You can find and control that data in My Account under the Web & App Activity setting.

With this change, this setting may also include browsing data from Chrome and activity from sites and apps that partner with Google, including those that show ads from Google.

Google will use this information to make ads across the web more relevant to you.

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