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Inside our racist brains

By Maya Wiley George Zimmerman may not be that different from the rest of us. In fact, research shows that college students and most everyone else are more likely to shoot a Black man holding an object like a wallet, … Continue reading

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How Can I Protect My Son From Becoming Another Trayvon Martin?

By Melanie Coffee Trayvon Martin. A name forever etched in the annals of America’s complex relationship with race. We all know the story. A 17-year-old armed with only a bag of Skittles, a hoodie and mocha skin is followed by a … Continue reading

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My Thoughts

Sixteen months ago I changed my profile picture to Trayvon Martin and said at the time I will not change it back until the trial concludes. Yesterday the trial concluded and I am not going to change my profile picture. Emmitt Till, Amadou Diallo, … Continue reading

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