The Power of a Minute

Grand Central Terminal Famous Clock

Grand Central Terminal Famous Clock (Photo credit: Manu_H)

By Mary Kupferle

Minute prayers are possible for anyone to practice. No matter where you are, you can call upon the presence of God. Take that minute, in spite of anything, in the midst of anything, regardless of the place or circumstance.

Take a minute before getting out of bed in the morning. During morning activities, every so often stop for another minute. Quiet your thoughts, anxieties, rushed feelings, and again feel yourself enfolded in the presence of God. Everything that seemed so pressing will become secondary. An awareness of being in control will fill you and you will go forward with order and confidence.

During the noon and afternoon hours, keep faithful with the minute prayer. Stop frequently, and whenever possible close your eyes, looking within to the presence of the Lord, to His light, to His quiet reassurance.

The more rushed you are, the more urgent things appear, the more important it is to stop for one quiet minute in which you turn to the inner light, the presence of God within you.

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About The Soul Brother

An observer to the world. I have a unique view of the world and want to share it. It's all in love from the people of the "blues". Love, Knowledge, and Sharing amongst all is the first steps towards solving all the problems amongst humanity.
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