New York: It’s Time to Take Action for Open Access

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The New York State Senate and Assembly are considering the Taxpayer Access to Publicly Funded Research Act S4050 / A180. This bill—which would give the public access to the results of tens from millions of dollars of taxpayer-funded research—is a crucial step in the fight for open access. As we’ve noted before, the lack of access to state-of-the-art research affects students, researchers, and regular citizens—whether a curious mind or a patient in need. The latest research also translates directly into downstream innovations and important businesses, boosting the economy and creating jobs. Yet, like the California public access bill before it, this legislation is subject to a misinformation campaign on the part of publishers. Grievances about lost jobs, lost funds, and lost quality remain unfounded. The bill does little to significantly alter existing journals’ models—in fact, it relies on their existence and their facilitation of peer review. Publishers’ lobbyists are parading through the halls of the Senate and Assembly this very moment; it is crucial your voice is heard, too.New Yorkers, take action today and spread the word of this important bill.


Read More New York: It’s Time to Take Action for Open Access | Electronic Frontier Foundation.


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